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Aqua Pro is Miami’s Leading Plumber

We are proud of our septic technicians and our septic trucks. We have one of the nicest septic pump out rigs in the greater Miami area. Our septic technicians are skilled in the trade and understand how to work on virtually any septic tank system or grease trap. Book a service call today and experience the Aqua Pro difference. We will treat you like our family.

The team at Aqua Pro Plumbing can rehabilitate your failing sewer lines without costly excavation. Our patented process uses an inversion drum (shown in photo) to place an epoxy resin-saturated liner into your old pipe and then inflates with air pressure to make a new cured in place pipe inside of your old pipe. This process of pipelining prevents the need for traditional dig & replace plumbing repair methods. This saves you time, money and your property.

Contact us or call 786-367-9157 for a quote for a trenchless zero-dig repair.

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