Large Diameter Trenchless Pipelining

Rehabilitate your building’s sewer pipeline network with our large-diameter trenchless pipelining method. Aqua Pro can quickly restore old failing sewer lines that are 8″ to 24″ in diameter on the same day in most cases. The trenchless pipelining process for large-diameter pipelines involves accessing the host sewer line through a manhole or open pit. The repair is made to the host mainline without digging or excavating the existing line. This repair process is completed without making a trench or excavating a road.s

Benefits of large-diameter trenchless pipelining

Repair 8"-24" Sewer Pipes


Trenchless pipelining: Before and after a large-diameter trenchless pipe repair. Obstructions and defects are removed from the old host pipe prior to lining with a robotic cutter. Observe the new CIPP (cured in place) pipe liner on the right side of the illustration.

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